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Do you ensure regular inspection of your heater? Your heater is one of the home appliances that work continuously round the clock more-so during the rainy and colder seasons. But surprisingly, many homeowners forget to properly maintain their heating systems once the cold season is over or once they notice a minor issue.

What follows soon after is a malfunctioning heating system that barely works. It becomes apparent that you need heater installation and replacement services. Seeing as you can’t survive without a heater, this, for any homeowner, will be a costly affair that is likely to leave a dent in your pocket. 

So how do you mitigate the problem in time? Here are tips on signs to look out for to tell whether you need heater repair services.

A Cold Uncomfortable Home

Is your home colder than usual? Do you have to drape a blanket over yourself and put on socks to stay warm even when you can hear the heater buzzing silently in the background? If yes, then you should quickly call a certified contractor to come and check what the problem could be. 

It could be a clogged filter, a worn-out fan motor, or a loose belt, which could be causing your heater to fail.

Higher than Normal Utility Bills

How much do you spend on energy costs? Have you seen a sharp increase over the past few weeks? Nothing sucks more energy than a malfunctioning heating system. If you notice that you are paying more for power, the first thing you should inspect to see is whether your heating system is working properly. 

Chances are that it is working beyond capacity owing to worn out parts or dirt stuck inside.

Gas Leaks

If you smell something unusual, there’s a high chance that your heater has a gas leak. Pay attention to your poisonous gas/smoke detector. If it is in good condition, yet it keeps on going off, it might indicate that there’s a harmful yet odourless gas leaking.

Gas leaks are known to be among the top reasons random home fires. So to stay on the safe side, whenever you suspect a gas leak, turn off your heater immediately and get it checked by a qualified contractor.

When Should you Ask for Heater Installation and Replacement?

Your contractor, after inspecting your heater, will tell you whether or not a repair is a viable solution. If not, you will have to install a brand new heater. The signs mentioned above are indeed repairable but when the damage is extensive, there are no two ways about it. You must find an experienced contractor to install and replace your old heater.

Heater repair and maintenance Boston,MA is an established contractor with years of experience and training to match. Should you need to install or replace your heater, we are only a call, a text or an email away. Our services are quite affordable and our services impeccable.

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