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All you need to know about Boiler Repair and Maintenance in Boston,MA

There’s no way around having your boiler maintained regularly. In their quest to cut costs, homeowners term boiler repair and maintenance as an unnecessary expense. But note that a boiler system is one that works full time particularly during the cold, wet or winter seasons. Ensure your boiler runs efficiently at all times and eliminate the risk of enduring cold evenings when your boiler machine suddenly breaks down. 

Do you know how your boiler works? A boiler functions by taking in cold water and heating it. The water is then used to supply hot water for cooking, cleaning or showering at home. The same water can be heated further to make steam meant to warm up your home. 

Regular boiler repair and maintenance can help avert a complete breakdown that may prompt you to buy a new boiler system. As a homeowner, there are some simple weekly and daily routine maintenance practices you can do to keep your boiler working smoothly. 

They include,

Daily Boiler Maintenance

  • To test the boiler response, turn off the burner control switch. Watch how the boiler responds to flame failure. 
  • Read the water level gauge, the temperature gauge and the pressure gauge to see if they are all correct. 
  • Flush the boiler (bottom blowdown) to get rid of sediment and sludge

Weekly Boiler Maintenance

  • Ensure that the gas train is working right by checking the valve in operation
  • Inspect the air damper located on the burner
  • Inspect the ignition and status of the flame. It should appear normal


Even with routine daily and weekly maintenance, you will still need a qualified contractor to come and service your boiler. Proper servicing should be done once or twice in a year

Why You Should Service Your Boiler

There are benefits that you will reap when you ensure proper boiler servicing and maintenance. As a property owner, who regularly services their boiler appliances, you will seldom have to deal with surprise breakdowns and incur serious expenses. You should service your boiler because.

✅ It Helps Enhance Safety

A poorly serviced boiler is an overworked boiler that poses a fire risk due to overheating. When you schedule qualified contractors to service your boiler, they can isolate issues like carbon monoxide leaks. Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas which if inhaled in excess can cause serious complications or even death.

✅ Mitigate Issues Early

On many instances, owners prevent complete boiler breakdowns and malfunctions through servicing. It is during servicing when these small issues can be repaired. In the long run, you spend less money than you would have spent to pay for repairs.

✅ Maintain you’re the Validity of Your Warranty

Most boiler warranties remain valid only if you ensure regular maintenance and servicing of the boiler equipment. When you maintain a servicing log, you have proof enough to show the manufacturers should complications develop from nowhere.

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